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Becoming Fruitful

Encounter: Have you ever sat and looked at a field of crops at a nearby farm? I love my early weekend mornings when I sit down for my time of devotion. As I look out my kitchen windows, I look upon a field of soy beans. It is truly amazing how God works in our lives and we can see this in a field of crops that our farmers have planted. A farmer plants seeds in the field and then has to trust that God will nurture that seed to become a plant. The plant matures and a crop of Beans, corn, or wheat is produced. However, the crop is not ready for harvest until the plant dies and is ready to let go of the crop for the farmer to harvest. John 12:24-26 opens our hearts, minds and souls to this concept of letting go of our lives, trusting in Jesus, and bring us to maturity so that we can produce a crop ready for the Kingdom harvest.

Reflect: Take some time and reflect back on your life when the seed of Christ was planted within you. Consider the storms of your life and how they have strengthened your faith like storms that bring rain to water the crops in the field. Ask yourself is God asking me to let go of something to make room for growth in your relationship with Christ. The more room you make for Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more fruit you will produce (Galatians 5:22-23). The more fruit you produce, the more seeds that can be planted in the lives of others.

Spiritual Practice: take some time and let go of all things that are on your mind through journaling or practices like breath prayer. Then simply sit and look at a field, a garden, or a flower bed and allow God to show you how amazing His love is for you. Journal how God has moved you through the experience of sitting still and looking at a simple plant in a field or bed. Journal how God has moved in your life from the time the seed of Christ was planted to where you are now!

Gathering: in your small groups discuss what you looked at while you were still. Share how God moved you during this time. Then together raise your hands and give God the glory.

Becoming more Christlike with you,

Pastor Phil

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