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King of My Heart

Encounter: Read or listen to John 12:12-19. Google a Palm Sunday image and begin to meditate on the scripture and the image. 

Imagine yourself as one of those in the crowd as Jesus comes riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. What are the people around you saying about him? Why does this man get this royal welcome, praise and respect? Suddenly someone begins to shout praises to God and hails this man the King of Israel. People begin to throw down their coats and waving palm branches. What is it that everyone has been waiting for? What is your hope?

Until recently, I used to buy items on Amazon according to their reviews. The 5 star ratings, or at last the 4.5, received my attention and my dollars. Then I read an article that exposed how products are given to buyers for free if they would give a positive rating. They become “influencers” and experts of just about everything. Now when I go to buy, these reviews mean nothing. Actually I don’t even read them any more. 

Influencers in our culture carry a great deal of weight. We spend hours of our precious time listening to one reel after another on Tik Tok, IG or Facebook. Podcasts have become what we tune into as we eat, drink and drive. Once you click on something, we get ads for ten different companies selling or talking about the same product or giving their advice about a current trend. 

We usually give space to influencers who agree with our already entrenched bias’. It’s just human nature. They usually get our attention through what I call a “fear hook” causing us to spend millions on instant remedies and fads to more disastrous events forming ideologies convincing people that violence, wars and even genocide is the answer. Those who cater to our fears will be given authority to form our ideas from the wrong set of assumptions. And this always creates kingdoms of chaos. 

On the other hand, I have found some “influencers” who I describe as grabbing my attention through a “life hook.” You won’t find them fear mongering, but instead investing their air time on what builds up and forms us into better human beings more closely resembling our King who we say we follow.  These voices call out the dark kingdom and invite our hearts to give allegiance to our good King in the way we live our lives. It’s been this way from the beginning as we know. Within every heart is someone or something that rules. There is a king of our hearts who demands our time, attention and allegiance. Who is the king of your heart?

We have many “cultural kings” in our world  so we must be careful who we make king of our heart. In scripture our heart is described as the core of our life and strength. Our heart is the “seat” where our understanding, will and emotions come together to form our ideologies and choices. No wonder we get the warning more than once, Guard your heart above all else,

for it determines the course of your life.

Tomorrow we join our voices with the millions of others around the world singing Hosanna and waving palms witnessing to the truth that our King has come. But just as many people missed this visitation in Jerusalem, we can miss where our King is working to bring life. We might even misunderstand what God is doing because of our own expectations and fears. 

One thing is for certain, our King is coming to each of our hearts just as he rode into Jerusalem, with a plan to do more than influence us. His love calls us to live a radical new life and this begins when we continually follow. Let us give allegiance to our King, his kingdom and his church. A King like no other. Who loved us before we loved in return. Now is our chance to make Jesus the King of our hearts.

Following our King,

Pastor T

Reflect: Who is the Influencer of your Heart? Reflect on this as you listen to the worship song, King of My Heart at this link:

Spiritual Practice: Using the Examen, review your day writing down your tasks, the people you talked with, conversations and interactions. Where did you spend your time, attention and possibly your money? What filled your thought life most of the day? What were your fears, worries and anxieties? How much time did you spend on social or other media? Can you identify the “kings” vying for your time, attention and loyalty? 

Consider fasting during Holy Week from those things that may be holding more space in your heart than it should be. Ask your King for help. Maybe treat your Bible like you do your cell phone. Every time you go to pick up your cell phone, consider picking up or going to the Bible app instead.

Gather: Discuss in your small group what making Jesus the King of your heart means in your everyday life. 

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