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Work with Us!

We currently have Internship opportunities available for college students. If you or someone you know might be a good fit, , reach out to Pastor Matt by clicking the link below.

Nursery Coordinator Job Description




To lead, enhance and nurture the Eden Church Nursery ministry through prayer, communication, organization and interaction with the children and parents by creating a loving and safe environment for the children being cared for in the Eden Church Nursery





●      Pray for God’s patience, guidance and love.

●      Pray for God’s wisdom when enforcing policy or addressing volunteer challenges or family issues.



●      Advise Assistant Coordinator or volunteers of their responsibilities each week as they arrive including necessary information related to the children in your care that week. This may include such things as stressors within their home life, separation anxiety, etc.

●      Teach a brief Bible lesson for the kids each week

●      Make sure parents know that any diaper changes or behavior problems will be communicated directly to parents through text from either Nursery Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator

●      Meet semi-monthly with the Eden Kids Ministry Coordinator to review how well things are working in the Nursery ministry and what changes may have to be implemented to make things more suitable to the needs of the children in our care.

●      Be sure each child entering the Nursery and accompanying parent both have their attendance sticker from the Check-In station in lower lobby.

  • Check-out children ensuring their name tag matches the adult picking them up.

  • Inform first-time Nursery visitors about the Nursery policies, provide them with the various Nursery policy materials

●      Pass along any questions, concerns or administrative needs to the Eden Kids Ministry Coordinator.



●      Keep the nursery in a clean and orderly manner.

●      Coordinate quarterly cleaning days of the nursery. This may include inviting other volunteers to help out with that process.

●      Be sure that the room is supplied with the proper materials, such as policy books, or other information for weekly operations that will be given to first-time Nursery visitors

●      Advise the Eden Kids Ministry Coordinator of any needs within the nursery in terms of supplies, equipment problems, paperwork or other various items.



●      Greet children and their parents in a friendly, loving way in order to build relationships with them. This makes communication easier should a problem arise at some point.

●      Encourage Assistant Coordinator and/or volunteers as the opportunities arise both on Sunday morning and throughout the week.



  • Enjoys interacting with and entertaining young children

  • Able to teach a brief Bible lesson

  • Form good relationships with parents and/or caregivers of children

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Experience working in childcare

  • Work well with Assistant Coordinator and Eden Kids Ministry Coordinator

  • Must be 21 years of age or older



  • All persons working with children must be certified in Eden Church’s Safe Church program.

  • Training in CPR and First Aid

  • The Nursery is to be staffed every Sunday during Sunday School and Sunday Morning Worship, and during special services held throughout the year



  • Minimum: High School Education


Job Type: Part-time


Time Commitments:

  • Sunday morning worship: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Special services: Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve

    • Any other times will be communicated by Eden Kids Ministry Coordinator


Salary: $11.65/hr

Student Ministries Internship


The Student Ministries Intern will work alongside the Eden Kids and Youth Director, staff, and other lay leaders in the church to provide discipleship and ministries opportunities for the next generation of Christ followers. This includes but is not limited to attending student ministries, developing relationships with students, praying for students, and engaging with the staff and lay leaders in the development of student ministries.

Audio/Visual Internship


The Audio/Visual Internship provides the intern with opportunities to apply their academic learning in the context of Christ's Church. The intern will learn Eden's current audio/visual practices and participate in ensuring the functionality of those practices while also making suggestions about how Eden may update certain audio/visual practices.

Worship Arts Internship


The Worship Arts Internship provides the intern with opportunities to apply their academic learning into the context of church worship while also giving the intern practical experience in participating in church leadership meetings, leading teams of volunteers, and connecting to Christ's global church.


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