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Become the Hero God Created You to Be


Society conditions us to see ourselves as anything but heroic, and we often disparage ourselves, saying, I can't do that - I'm just a (insert-self-descriptor-here). But God has created you for an Epic journey that only you can fulfill!

Join us on this 40 Day journey of self-discovery as we take a look at all the elements of an Epic Tale. From co-creating with God to the Fellowship you spend time with to the possibility of being incinerated, your life has all the aspects of an Epic tale! 


Using examples from films such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and more, epic fantasy author J. Wolf Scott helps you examine the elements of your own life to see how God has created YOU for great things!

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The EPIC TRAILGUIDE: Exploring Everyday Pathways In Christ

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