We can all agree - 

2020 been a 

tough year . . .

This year has been unlike anything we've ever seen before. Everyone's lives have been upended in one way or another, and what was "normal" at the beginning of 2020 no longer exists. It has changed us all.

In preparation to return to the Eden campus, we gathered a Task Force to try to imagine what that will look like. We took a lot of information in, including Governor Holcomb's plan, and worked diligently to create safety guidelines that will help us ease back into worshipping together and what that's going to look like.

We know that every one of us are at totally different points on the spectrum in terms of what we may or may not be comfortable with yet, or what our personal views are on the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. With that in mind, we have assembled the following guidelines for our return to Eden:

Guidelines for Eden Worship - In Keeping with Indiana's Coronavirus Response Requirements November 15 - December 12


  • Please continue staying home and view the service online if you are sick or have a fever.

  • Our Sunday morning service will be held at 10:30 am as usual.

  • Governor Holcomb recently mandated "Facemasks are required for all Hoosiers." In keeping with that mandate, we ask that you continue to wear your mask to church.

  • We recommend that those 65 years of age and older and those with high risk medical conditions consider staying home and continue to watch the service online.

  • We will be providing social distancing seating in the Sanctuary and Celebration Hall. In the Sanctuary we will be sitting in every other pew and using three rows of chairs. Pews available for seating will be marked. Families may occupy as much of a pew as needed. In other pews, we are asking that only 3-5 occupy a pew practicing social distancing between family units. In Celebration Hall, chairs will be arranged practicing social distancing. Those choosing to sit in Celebration Hall may view the service on the big screen. We will have ushers in both areas to help with seating.

  • We ask that people enter the building using either the Main Entrance doors at the west side of the north parking lot or the doors leading into the lower foyer from the south parking lot. We will have greeters with face coverings opening doors for those entering.

  • We ask that people not congregate in groups in the building before or after the service. Please fellowship outside of the building using social distancing practices.

  • Face coverings for all attending are required. Masks will be available for those who may not have one.

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the Sanctuary or Celebration Hall. We will have hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances of the Sanctuary and Celebration Hall.

  • We will provide offering boxes at the entrances of the Sanctuary and Celebration Hall. Please drop your offering in those boxes as you enter.

  • We will be using pre-package communion elements.

  • We ask that you only use the restrooms outside of Celebration Hall. The drinking fountain will not be available.

  • During this time, we recommend that Sunday School classes do not meet.

  • We will not be providing children’s programming. Children attending should sit with their family.

  • The nursery will be closed. There are changing tables in both the Men’s and Women’s restrooms outside of Celebration Hall.

  • There will be no snacks or drinks provided on the refreshment table.

  • We ask that people do not use the kitchen or basement at this time.

  • We will be disinfecting all areas used on Sunday morning through the following week. Please do not enter the church building during the week, unless absolutely necessary.

  • If you prefer not be inside, you are welcome to worship from your parked car or with a chair by your car and view the service online with your electronic device. Please follow social distancing guidelines.

  • If Adult Sunday School classes choose to meet, please make sure that seating observes social distancing practices. There will be no Children’s Sunday School.

  • Please limit usage of the basement and kitchen.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope to see you soon.


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