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Details on Christian Sexuality for ESU

The Mission of Christian Sexuality

To faithfully present our Creator’s design for our bodies and to help Christian youth and young adults follow Jesus with their sexuality.

Vision of Christian Sexuality

To see a generation embrace a holistic and Christ-centered view of sex, sexuality, and gender.



  • According to God’s design and intent, sex difference (male and female) is an intrinsic part of what marriage is. While same-sex marriage is legal in some countries, it does not represent a historical, Christian view of marriage.

  • God designed sexual relations to take place within the covenant bond of marriage.

  • The Fall has corrupted God’s original intent for human sexuality in all persons; therefore, all people—straight or non-straight—experience corruption in their sexuality.

  • Simply experiencing attraction to the same sex (or being gay) is not in itself a morally culpable sin.

  • God desires all people to embrace their biological sex as part of their human identity.

  • All forms of abuse, slander, dehumanization, or oppression toward fellow humans is an affront against God’s sacred image, which has been stamped upon all people.


More information about the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender

The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender (The Center) is a collaboration of Christian pastors, leaders, and theologians who aspire to be the Church’s most trusted source of theologically sound teaching and practical guidance on questions related to sexuality and gender. It seeks to address two primary needs in the church:

One, to help leaders cultivate a more robust biblical ethic of marriage, sexuality, and gender.

Two, to help churches and organizations create a safe and compassionate environment for LGBT+ people, their families, and anyone wrestling with their sexuality or gender identity.

To meet these two needs, The Center seeks to educate not only pastors and leaders, but to help these leaders educate the people they lead by providing small group material, educational videos, video-based courses, podcasts, blogs, youth curriculum, and other resources.

Got Questions?

Eden Student Union Leader, Pastor Matt Thornburg, is happy to discuss the program with you

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