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Resources to Enhance Your Journey

Welcome to the BLESS Initiative

Our goal is to equip you in as many ways as possible to BLESS your neighbors! Below you'll find links to a number of resources that can help you deepen your experience as we go through this exciting new series. And best of all, it'll become an integral part of who we are at Eden.

Check out the great resources below!

How To Bless Your Neighbor

Click the links to download these great resources, which include Discussion Guides and a Leader's Guide!

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BLESS Journal

Inspired by the bullet journal method, the BLESS journal guides you through the missional practices of BLESS. We invite you to document your journey and get a fresh perspective. Our hope is that this resource will be an encouragement to you as you discover how the Holy Spirit is at work within and through us.

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BLESS Youth Student Journal

This free student journal was created to help youth engage with BLESS. The journal and BLESS for Youth Leader's Guide are meant to be used together in a small group setting.
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BLESS Guide for Youth Leaders

This Leaders' Guide helps you lead our Youth through BLESS. The Leaders Guide and Student Journal are meant to be used in a small group setting.
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Adventure Journal (for BLESS for Kids)

This Journal is a companion piece to the BLESS Resources for kids.
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BLESS for Kids

This Guide is to help kids interact with BLESS.
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BLESS Small Group Study Guide

This small group Bible study guide is on the five missional practices of BLESS. Our goal with this guide is create a robust six-week small group curriculum that is rooted in Scripture and practical in application to help people live their faith effectively among unchurched neighbors and friends.
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Discover Your Mission Now: Five Simple Practices to Change Your World

By Dave Ferguson


In this free eBook Pastor Dave Ferguson fleshes out these five simple practices, sharing inspiring stories of how people have discovered their own mission in the process of carrying out Jesus's mission.