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What's Your Motivation?

Encounter: Find a quiet place where you can observe nature or your patio where you’ve planted some flowers and read through Hebrews 10 & 11 in the New Living Translation. Now focus on Hebrews 10:19-39 reading through a couple more times. Underline words or phrases that draw your attention.

O how we love the spring and summer seasons by our lake! The patio is full of hanging baskets and planters with bright colored petunias and geraniums laced with ivy and vinca. We’ve waited all winter and now my hard work of planting and watering has produced gardens of blooms giving me joy and a reward worth waiting for.

One of my favorite plants to grace the porch every year is the Magdavilla. It’s red and pink flowers and reaching vines are hearty enough to make it through the heat of the summer, never losing their vibrancy.

Although they’re hardy, the vines need support to keep growing upward so I set them within a trellis and watch as they grab hold and keep climbing. Tonight I noticed one of them growing so fast it has surpassed the trellis and is reaching upward beyond its supports. And I wondered...What is its motivation to keep reaching?

In life, finding the right motivation can be a driving force that propels us toward our goals and aspirations. As we navigate through our daily tasks and long-term ambitions, the question "What's your motivation?" becomes a crucial one to ponder. Drawing inspiration from the biblical chapters of Hebrews 10 and 11, it can help us to see into the nature of true motivation and how it can influence our lives in meaningful ways.

It made me think of how everything God set in place through the tabernacle and law we read about in Leviticus served as a trellis guiding us to a time we would grow beyond those supports. Now the Spirit is our trellis, bringing God’s mercy to us by the life-giving way Jesus opened to us through his death and resurrection. The Life-Giving Way! There has never been anything more powerful as we hold tightly, without wavering, to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promises. Our God, our trellis. God, himself is our motivation!

Hebrews 10 emphasizes the importance of perseverance and faith. The chapter speaks to the community about holding onto their confidence and not shrinking back in the face of adversity. This message is timeless and resonates with anyone striving toward their goals, reminding us that motivation often stems from a deep-seated belief in the value and worth of our pursuits. The strength to continue, even when the going gets tough, is fortified by the assurance that what we are working toward is significant and meaningful. This sense of purpose can be a powerful motivator, driving us to overcome obstacles and remain steadfast in our efforts.

It is a call to examine our motivations as Christians—are we driven by genuine faith and gratitude for Christ's sacrifice, or are we merely going through the motions? Reflecting on this, we must ask ourselves: what truly drives our actions and commitments in our spiritual journey? What’s our trellis? Let us consider the assurance we have in Christ and how it molds our daily lives and decisions.

Tomorrow as we worship, we know we are coming together to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. We need these times of encouragement as Paul said, make sure you do not neglect meeting together. God’s Spirit working through community is a trellis.

It is in times of adversity that we hear this message the loudest. Let us not shrink back. “Patience endurance is what you need now so you will continue to do God’s will.” We will be hearing tomorrow about ways God is calling us to stretch our faith so we can do just that. 

Reaching with you,

Pastor T

Reflect: What are some motivations that drive your actions and commitments in your faith journey? How does the assurance of Christ's sacrifice influence these motivations?

Spiritual Practice: How do you ensure that your spiritual practices are heartfelt and purpose-driven? Lean into a specific practice that has significantly impacted your faith this week and assess at the end of the week the impact of your practice.

Gather: In what ways has gathering with fellow believers strengthened your faith and kept your motivations aligned with God's will? How can you contribute to creating a supportive and encouraging community?

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