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What's Holding You?

Although your people

live in darkness,

they will see

a bright light.

Although they live

in the shadow of death,

a light will shine

on them.” Matthew 4:16 CEV

Encounter: Using the Discussion questions at for Season 2 - Episode 7, read through the scripture references and watch the episode. Take some time to work through the questions and prepare to discuss with your Life Group or Sunday Study Group.

A few weeks back, Jack and I stayed in the Sheraton that overlooks Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Their breakfast dining room was on the 15th floor overlooking the falls and the host sat us right next to the window. When I looked down, there on the other side of the window was a couple of window washers being held safely by pulleys and straps while with squeegees in hand, they made sure we could see the light, vibrancy and beauty of the falls.

All I could think of as I looked at these men 15 stories up was the possibility of them falling to their death. Yet I would imagine they would keep this in the back of their mind, while at the forefront they would focus on the job they were there to do. Otherwise, I doubt they would be able to show up day after day unless they trusted in what held them.

In episode 7 of Season 2, the pressure of the fame of Jesus was taking its toll on the disciples. Like window cleaners on the 15th floor, the disciples were learning to trust in what held them while they focused on helping people see the light of life that was shining on them. It was the learning to trust in what held them that was the real learning curve.

But isn’t that the way it is for us all? Some days, following Jesus feels like we are hanging off the side of a building 15 stories high with nothing but a few straps and a squeegee. A squeegee to clean the anger, relationship issues, and forgiveness to clear our vision to see the beauty in the giving, the love, the treasure and the direct contact we have in the One who holds us while we learn to focus on the job we are here to do.

So, what is holding you while the beauty before you is being revealed?

Held with You,

Pastor Tammy

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