God and the Pandemic

Zoom Study with Pastor Tammy

In times of disaster or crisis, Christians have a history of jumping to conclusions about the nature and character of God, what he might be doing or saying in all this, and who is at fault for these great and terrible events.

In God and the Pandemic, biblical scholar N.T. Wright will guide us in how to “keep our reactions within a biblical limit” and to read the events in the world through the light of Jesus and the early Christians.

A book that promises to shape our faith now and into the future, God and the Pandemic This study will shape our faith into the future and help us to understand how we are to talk about God, how we are to live in the present pandemic, how we recover from it, and what is the church’s calling in the midst of it all. 


Pastor Tammy will lead this Zoom small group beginning on Monday, June 15th, 7-8:30 pm, for 5 weeks ending on July 13th.


You can go to www.godandthepandemic.com to download your free study guide. Our study begins June 15th and will be for 5 weeks from 7-8:30pm.

Click below to sign up by June 12. 

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